Basmat Aluminum Matting

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Basmat Aluminum Matting are bespoke to each customer so the price depends on individual specifications.

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Basmat are entrance matting manufacturers, with more than 40 years of experience in the flooring sector. These metal doormats are formed by profiles in which carpet, plastic or brushes are inserted.

The combined action of the different materials acts as a dirt trapper mat that preserves the cleanliness of the interior of the buildings. Basmat’s aluminium entrance matting solves the limitations of other types of mats that hardly meet the capacity to remove and retain dirt and absorb humidity. Our mats can be placed in multiple environments: homes, public buildings, offices, stores and industrial buildings. They withstand the transit of large numbers of people and the harshest conditions, even outdoors, and are easy to clean by vacuuming.

Unlike other products with similar characteristics, it is not necessary to lift the mat for proper maintenance. In case of deterioration, the textile fiber, plastic or brush strips can be easily replaced by removing them from the profiles and replacing them with new ones.