Orthomat® Diamond Anti Fatigue Mat

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Thicker foam anti-fatigue mat for dry workplaces

Anti-fatigue Mats are bespoke to each customer so the price depends on individual specifications.

Please contact – us for more information on the choices available at 01 834 0683 or email us at sales@treadsafe.ie


Anti-fatigue matting is essential for workers expected to stand for long periods of time, in addition to other factors such as stance shifts, appropriate footwear and flooring, as they are designed to lower the chance of foot and lower limb discomfort or disorders. The Orthomat Diamond is a great solution to worker fatigue in environments such as production lines, assembly areas, packing stations or other medium-use situations.

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• Single layer of PVC foam with a diamond pattern surface for improved grip
• Matting from the Orthomat range is designed to lower user fatigue, while remaining lightweight and easy to move and transport as necessary
• Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce tiredness and lethargy that can be caused from standing on hard surfaces, such as concrete floors, for long periods of time
• Fire-tested matting is designed to improve building safety by being constructed from materials that resist ignition and self-extinguish, and so will not fuel a fire or allow fire to spread
• Insulates against cold concrete floors