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Cove Formers & Capping

Treadsafe Matting Systems are Ireland’s leading specialist suppliers and installers of quality Cove Formers and Capping.

These products are used in conjunction with each other to allow the floor covering to be continued up the wall.

The cove former is installed at the join between the wall and the floor to create a constant curve to run the floor covering up as well as a hidden support for the floor covering at a weak point. A capping strip is then installed where the floor covering ends to create a neat finish to the floor covering. The cove formers are available in flexible PVC to allow for easy curving on site, whilst the capping strips are available in both flexible PVC and rigid PVC in a number of colours to suit most flooring colours. Treadsafe can also supply combined Cap and Cove profiles that save time in fitting and also ensure a constant height that the floor covering goes up the wall.

See below for PDF versions of our brochures to view online or download.

Key Feature and Benefits

  • Cove formers support the floor covering when running it up the wall
  • The gentle curve that is formed helps prevent the accumulation of dirt
  • Capping strips create a neat finish to the trimmed edge of the floor covering where it meets the wall
  • The flexible PVC can be curved on site
  • A number of different colours are available to compliment or contrast with the floor covering
  • A combined Cap and Cove former reduces installation time


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Treadsafe GENESIS Brochure

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Treadsafe CAT Brochure

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Treadsafe QUANTUM Brochure

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